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Be more comfortable and save money on your heating bills

ECO Window Blankets are a layered blanket that contains thermal insulation to reduce conductive heat loss.
This thermograph photo, taken from the outside on a cold wintery night, shows significant heat is lost to the exterior through windows .
Save on heating bills with these thermal performance window coverings.

ECO Window Blankets are a new, innovative window treatment to keep your home or office more comfortable, save money on your heating bills and reduce your carbon footprint. ECO Window Blankets are just that, blankets for your windows.

A typical home in North America loses up to 40% of its heat through its windows and doors. Windows are almost always the weak link when it comes to retaining heat in your home or office. ECO Window Blankets are a simple, inexpensive way to significantly enhance the thermal performance of your existing windows.

Stop heat loss through your windows today with ECO Window Blankets.

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“Window Blankets have made my bedroom much more comfortable during the cold Colorado winters. I don’t feel like I have to get up and take a hot shower just to warm up anymore.” — Tracy, Louisville, Colorado